Wmns Seamless Leggings

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  • "Essential and distinguished performance" design
  • Skinny fit top tank
  • 95% Polyamide 5%Elastane
  • Smart poly-amide EMANA® yarn containing Far InFrared technology (F.I.R.) which uses body heat to improve the skin’s well-being
  • In the sports field, EMANA® helps to increase your performance levels by accelerating muscle recovery and ensuring comfort and well-being.
  • Using the minerals stored in the fibers, EMANA® absorbs the warmth of the human body and returns it to the skin in the form of "Far InFrared" rays, thus stimulating cutaneous blood circulation.
  • It reduces unsightly orange-peel skin and increases skin elasticity, making the skin softer and younger-looking.
  • It improves firmness, tone, and skin softness
  • Fabric with "Quick Dry" technology for fast evaporation of sweat during exercise
  • Quick dry after washing
  • Made In Italy

Move freely and confidently with YOKKAO’s Seamless Leggings. With the F.I.R. Technology, your skin’s well-being is given top priority. The warmth of your body is absorbed and returned to the skin to stimulate cutaneous circulation. It also contributes to your own aesthetics, as your skin is made to look softer and younger looking due to its improved elasticity. The yarn used, uses technology for the fast evaporation of sweat and dries quickly after washing.

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