YOKKAO Next Generation Kids in Scotland

Following the announcement of the YOKKAO Next Generation show taking place at Paisley, Scotland, another event has been confirmed for Scottish Muay Thai fans. YOKKAO Next Generation Kids is now set to take centre stage at the Grangemouth Leisure Complex on 3rd March, Saturday.

This is the third of seven events that YOKKAO has lined up for the of Next Generation Kids series between 2017-2018. It follows the inaugural show held last November in Barnsley Metrodome and the follow-up that will take place on February 10th at the same venue. 

Headlining the event will be local young lady, Erin Kowal, who now trains with coach Keith McLachlan out of the Griphouse Gym in Glasgow. Erin previously trained under the late great Jordan Coe at the now defunct Carnage Gym. The 16 year-old comes from the Scottish town of Falkirk and has been training in Muay Thai since 2011. She has won a number of titles that include Scottish, British and European championships and looks forward to competing full-time as a professional fighter.

The joint headlining act will see YOKKAO Next Gen and Kids Fight Team fighter, Ellie Barker. The 14 year-old, who fights out of Hanuman Darlington, was crowned the Intercontinental Champion on her last appearance at Barnsley. If she wins her interim bout at the second Barnsley show on February 10th, she will be matched up to contest for a YOKKAO World title in Scotland.

Other than the 2 main events, YOKKAO Next Generation Kids Scotland will see around 50 junior bouts of Muay Thai action. Participants will be attending from across Europe including Italy, France, Sweden, Holland and Ireland. The scale of the YOKKAO Kids shows are unparalleled in the junior Muay Thai scene and is shaping up to be the most prestigious event of its kind anywhere in the world.

With YOKKAO Next Generation Kids, the company has built a platform for a new generation of young fighters to showcase their skills and laid the path for a possible career in the sport of Muay Thai. There is not a better time than now for Muay Thai kids of the world to shine. 

Tickets are on sale!