YOKKAO Seminar Saenchai Italy

YOKKAO has just confirmed 2 seminar dates with Saenchai in the Italian cities of Milan and Bologna on the 27th and 28th February respectively. The Italian seminar tour follows closely a 2-day YOKKAO seminar with the star in Poland that will be held on 24-25th February.

Anyone who knows about Muay Thai even remotely, will be familiar with the living legend – Saenchai is a name that needs no introduction. The iconic figure of Muay Thai and star fighter of the YOKKAO Fight Team will bring with him decades of Muay Thai expertise to the seminar. Over the course of two hours, participants will learn about the different techniques of Muay Thai that have made Saenchai one of the greatest fighter in the history of Muay Thai. First-hand from the man himself, no less. Students can expect the signature moves, footwork and larger-than-life personality from the legendary figure.

This will not be Saenchai’s first visit to Italy nor is it his first seminar in Italy but a seminar with the star does not come often – it is an event never to be missed for fans of the sport. Watch as he display and impart his wizardry of skills that have helped him capture more than 10 world championship titles of the highest honour in the sport such as Lumpinee, WMC, WBC, and Toyota Marathon tournaments.

YOKKAO begins the new year with two great events for Italian fans: first with Manachai against Nuriel Glorian Cauli on January 20th in Milan at Kick and Punch, and the YOKKAO seminar with Saenchai in 2 Italian cities on February 27-28th.

More information regarding the seminar’s venue, time and tickets will be released soon. Follow our social media network for all the latest news.